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Commercial Landscaping Designs in Hamilton

Along with the architecture, the landscape in your company's property is an essential aspect that people notice. Your landscape has the potential to welcome visitors, please clients, satisfy tenants, and create a pleasant environment for employees. Our trained professionals at C R Landscape are fully capable of exceeding your commercial landscape needs and goals. Count on us for quality commercial landscaping designs in Hamilton at competitive prices.


Our team of experienced landscape designers can enhance your backyard and bring your ideas to life. With our landscape designs, you can improve the curb appeal of your building and add value to it. Book a landscape design consultation today!


Beautiful, Functional & Innovative Landscapes | Commercial Properties

C R Landscape takes every step to ensure that your commercial landscape is beautiful, functional, and innovative. In the past, C R Landscape has provided outstanding commercial services to commercial properties as diverse as corporate campuses, parks surrounding office buildings, retailers such as malls and shopping centres, apartment buildings, and residential community parks.


How Does a Good Design Enhance Your Landscape?


As owners of commercial spaces, your main focus may be on productivity and fulfiling the purpose of construction. However, there’s more to commercial landscapes than just enhancing their visual appearance. The design elements also serve a functional purpose. Here’s a brief list of how developing a commercial landscape can help your business:


  • Helps Create a Good Brand Image: A commercial property with a good landscape can help create a good impression of your business among your clients. Our trained professionals will help you decide what kind of message you want to convey: soothing, fun, professional, edgy or classic.
    This will set the tone of your business for those who are visiting your property the first time.
  • Added Convenience: If you choose to add benches, tables and chairs in your lawn area, it not only engages people with your business but also adds convenience for your employees to enjoy the outdoors.  
  • Highlights the Building Architecture: Choosing the right outdoor decor and other landscaping accessories such as interior plants can accentuate the architecture of your building. Opting for the right colours and textures can add elegance to your property.


Make your property look aesthetically pleasing with commercial landscaping design services. C R Landscape provides you with customized and stunning designs to transform your property completely. 

Lawn Maintenance

We know what it takes to maintain healthy lawns because we've worked with many commercial properties just like yours throughout Hamilton. You can depend on us for professional lawn care procedures. 

Garden Maintenance

Our team of experienced landscapers can assist you in designing and maintaining gardens that are tailored to your specific needs. We can help you choose the ideal plants for your garden space, whether you want to plant perennials or shrubs. Our team will make efforts to ensure that all of your plants receive the proper treatment, care and dedication they deserve.


Contact Us Today


C R Landscape in Hamilton has the expertise and experience, as well as a fantastic staff, to recommend the best method for your project and answer any technical concerns you may have. Whether you require lawn maintenance, garden care, or landscape design, we advise you on the best course of action.


If you’re a commercial developer or property management firm, contact C R Landscape today for a commercial landscaping design assessment in Hamilton. We also provide residential landscaping services. Please contact us by email or phone if you have any concerns. We are excited to be of assistance to you.

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